Paper Baling Case Study

Paper Baling Case Study

A Council-owned recycling plant has been operating many of Advanced Recycling Systems' machines since the facility was established in 1990 with the additional delivery of a VB60RF Rear Feed Vertical Baler.

Their Operations Manager had this to say: "This small footprint machine is ideal because of the limited space we have available". It superceded a VB1800 Vertical Baler which had been installed in 1990 and was the first powered Baler purchased.

The Vertical Baler is pre-set for operating with either plastic bottles or card, with the operator simply turning the setting dial to set the machine for the new material.

In operation all day, every working day, this has been the workhorse of the operation, producing card and plastic bottle bales with regular efficiency. The annual throughput has been estimated at 500 tonnes of card and 250 tonnes of plastic via the Baler each year.

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